QUIZ 4: How much do you know about America's national parks?

QUIZ 3: How good are you at identifying woodpeckers?

QUIZ 2: Which moves the fastest?

The slide show below shows three things from the natural world: a snail, a moose with a full set of fast-growing antlers and the continental plates that cover the Earth and are constantly moving beneath our feet. (Oh, yes, continents move.) Here is the question: Which is fastest, the speed of a snail moving across the ground, the speed at which a moose's antlers grow, or the speed of the continental plates moving across the surface of the Earth? For a bonus test, tell us which one of those three moves SLOWEST.

 For the answer, click here:  http://www.thenaturalistsnotebook.com/quiz-answers/
Special thanks to our friend James Bullock, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California at Irvine, who inspired this quiz with his recent Twitter posts on the speed of electrons moving through an electrical wire.

QUIZ 1: Which bird is which?

The slide show below features photos of three birds. One is a female purple finch, one is a yellow-rumped warbler and one is a mockingbird. Can you tell which one is which? For the answer, click here:  http://www.thenaturalistsnotebook.com/quiz-answers/
Photos by Bernd Heinrich (1), Sylvia Rolle (2) and Craig Neff (3)