Welcome to Our New—and Soon to Expand—Section on Great Nature and Science Books

Books have always been a cornerstone of The Naturalist's Notebook. Since 2009 we have highlighted (and sold) in our interactive spaces/exploratoriums more than 1,000 of the best nature and science books ever written on subjects ranging from moss to mammals to math to the 13.8-billion-year history of the universe. The discoveries and insights laid out in these books define the frontier of scientific knowledge. In creating the Notebook's open-to-the-public spaces, which combine interactivity, education, art and commerce, we "paint" with books and use them to inform and reinforce our installations. In our Ocean Room you'll find the writings of the likes of Rachel Carson and Carl Safina and Sylvia Earle; while walking through the Big Bang Room upstairs, you'll find Stephen Hawking and Sean Carroll and others there with you, in the form of their books, ready to aid in your exploration.  

These works are a guide to understanding who we are, where we came from and how the natural world works. At The Naturalist's Notebook we have been fortunate enough to have hosted author talks and book signings and to have been thanked for our book-boosting encouragement and help by authors in the acknowledgements section of titles they have written. We love books and hope they inspire others as they have inspired us.

This section of our website will, we hope, shed fresh light on many of our favorite nature and science books and their authors. We begin with a guide to the works of the great naturalist, biologist and writer Bernd Heinrich—who graciously agreed to write for us the story behind each of his 20 books—and we will be adding more authors and titles constantly. Keep checking back in on this section. We're going to have fun expanding it and helping you get to know many great writers and works that will expand your 13.8-billion-year brain.