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•EARTH NEWS: 4 Headlines to Click On: 1) World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal Down to 30 Individuals; 2) This Prehistoric Human Ancestor Was All Mouth; 3) Officials Seize 3.1 Tons of Pangolin Scales; 4) Gold Mine Boom New Threat to Amazon

•Population meter: 7.6 billion humans on the planet, a billion more than in 2006, two billion more than in 1994, three billion more than in 1982, four billion more than in 1969, five billion more than in 1952 and six billion more than in 1900. 



Pterodactyl? Nope, this modern dinosaur is a wood stork, the only type of stork that breeds in North America. “While I was on a trip to the Everglades I stopped at Paurotis Pond and was looking across at wood stork and spoonbill nests in the distance," writes Susan Hale in sharing this shots with us from Florida. "I happened to turn around and discovered that right behind me in the parking lot wood storks were making repeated visits gathering nesting materials from the trees. It was an incredible photo opportunity.”. To see more of the great nature photos that are shared with us every day by our more than 265,000 Facebook followers and learn more about wildlife and science, follow us on Facebook and go to our Nature Photos page here on the website. Feel free to share with us your own sightings, observations and photos!

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