Thanks to all of you who explored, learned, asked questions, had fun, drew, solved puzzles, identified birds, shopped, walked on the Moon, stepped inside a brain, played our electromagnetic spectrum keyboard and otherwise enjoyed the 2017 season at our two unique, interactive, educational, shop-and-think, nature-and-science spaces, in Northeast Harbor and Seal Harbor. The final day of our summer/fall season at those spaces was October 8—but the fun and learning go on 365 days a year on our popular Facebook page and here on our website. A lot of nature and science adventures are coming up in the days and weeks ahead! 

•Send us your nature photos and sightings by posting them on the visitor-post section of our Facebook page or by attaching them to either a Facebook message to The Naturalist's Notebook or an email ( We'll post the best and most interesting of them here or on our Facebook page, which has become a hub for nature and science lovers from across North America and around the world.   

•EARTH NEWS: 4 Headlines to Click On: 1) World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal Down to 30 Individuals; 2) This Prehistoric Human Ancestor Was All Mouth; 3) Officials Seize 3.1 Tons of Pangolin Scales; 4) Gold Mine Boom New Threat to Amazon



Heather MacIntyre shared with us her wonderful photo of cedar waxwings after a snowstorm in Cedar Creek, Texas. To see more of the great nature photos that are shared with us every day by our 250,000 Facebook followers and learn more about wildlife and science, follow us on Facebook and go to our Nature Photos page here on the website. Feel free to share with us your own sightings, observations and photos!

Video Exploration: The Scale of the Universe