•Here are the opening hours for the next several days at our two interactive, educational, shop-and-think, nature-and-science spaces, in Northeast Harbor (115 Main St.) and Seal Harbor (16 Main St.):

Sept. 21 (Thurs.) Seal Harbor open 11 to 4, Northeast Harbor closed; Sept. 22 (Fri.) Seal Harbor open 11 to 4, Northeast Harbor closed; Sept. 23 (Sat.) Seal Harbor open 11 to 4, Northeast Harbor closed; Sept. 24 (Sun.) Northeast Harbor open 11 to 4, Seal Harbor closed

• What will you find at those two spaces? The Seal Harbor Naturalist's Notebook (three floors to explore!) has been named a Best of New England destination by Yankee magazine and a Best of Maine destination by Down East magazine. We don't call either space a "store" even though there's a lot of wonderful, intelligent and playful shopping to be done in both spaces. They're more like an experience—a fun exploration of the natural world, science and the history of the universe. You are a participant in a walk-in, 13.8-billion-year nature-science art installation. As one visitor to the smaller, Northeast Harbor Naturalist's Notebook said this week, "This isn't a store, it's an education!" 

•Send us your nature photos and sightings by posting them on the visitor-post section of our Facebook page or by attaching them to either a Facebook message to The Naturalist's Notebook or an email (info@thenaturalistsnotebook.com). We'll post the best of them here or on our Facebook page, which has become a hub for nature and science lovers from across the country and around the world.

•EARTH NEWS: 4 Headlines to Click On: 1) World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal Down to 30 Individuals; 2) This Prehistoric Human Ancestor Was All Mouth; 3) Officials Seize 3.1 Tons of Pangolin Scales; 4)  Feral Bunnies Are Taking Over Las Vegas

•Check our new Complete Guide to Bernd Heinrich's Books, the first piece in our Great Nature/Science Books section and the only place where you can see all of Bernd's books and read his account of how he came to write them.

•We've launched our new How to Draw section, which will grow in the year ahead. Learn how to draw a simple raven from great naturalist-writer-artist Bernd Heinrich or an evening grosbeak from ornithologist-artist Luke Seitz.



Jay Spring shared with us his wonderful photo of a blue dasher dragonfly, which he photographed at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine, California. This is just one of the many great nature photographs our more than 200,000 Facebook followers have been sharing with us from across North America and around the world. To see more, go to our Nature Photos page and follow/like us on Facebook.

Video Exploration: The Scale of the Universe