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From Home Page: How long to get to the Sun if flying at 500 mph? About 21 years


1) It's a barred owl, not a barn owl.

2) It's an Eastern meadowlark, not a lemony snicket!

3) It's a very young bird, not a very old bird.

4) It's a bobcat, not a lynx.

5) King penguins live in the Antarctic, not the Arctic. (We saw this one and hundreds of thousands of others in the Antarctic in late 2015.)

6) It's a beaver, not a woodchuck/ground hog.

7) Saturn is much larger than Mars.

QUIZ 1 (posted on Facebook on 1/31/16): WHICH BIRD IS WHICH?

photo 1-female purple finch (photo by Bernd Heinrich)

photo 2-mockingbird (photo by Sylvia Rolle)

photo 3-yellow-rumped warbler (photo by Craig Neff)

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The snail is able travel about 25 meters a day, so it wins the race. Moose antlers can grow at an inch a day—antler cells are the fastest-growing cells in the moose's body—and continental plates move about an inch a year.