Lost in Space?

“NASA has no clear objectives," former astronaut Rick Searfoss told San Diego Union-Tribune science and technology writer Gary Robbins before the launch of the final Space Shuttle mission on July 8. "I’m left scratching my head over what they’re doing.”

It's a sad time for NASA and the American space-exploration effort, which once inspired us but now is adrift. As Gary wrote in a piece about the end of the shuttle program: "American astronauts were expected to have traveled far from Earth by now, either on trips back to the moon, out to an asteroid or maybe even to Mars. The explorers would have been sent on their way by the space shuttle program, a decades-long stepping stone to the cosmos.

"But ... scientists and historians say none of those goals have been met. There’s also no clear successor to the shuttle, or a specific timetable for sending humans beyond low-earth-orbit.

"With Atlantis on the pad, ready for takeoff, NASA faces lowered expectations, tight budgets, uncertainty and apathy..."

You can read Gary's full story at this link: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/jul/02/space-shuttle-era-ending-many-unmet-goals/

We chatted with Gary this week when he stopped in at the Notebook during a vacation week here in Maine, where he grew up. We talked about the space program, the role of science in everything around us, his memorable meetings with E.O. Wilson, Stephen Jay Gould and that other nutty professor, Jerry Lewis, and much more. We hope to edit some of it into a Naturalist's Notebook Earth News video, the first of many.

If you like science—especially if you live in Southern California—you might want to check out Gary's blog, his Twitter feed or his Science Quest page on Facebook.

An Unusual Perpective [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE_USPTmYXM]

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