Photograph taken by Craig Neff at the Maine cabin of the great naturalist, biologist and writer Bernd Heinrich—an evening grosbeak mecca.

Below is a copy of Luke's original art showing different perspectives and close-ups of an evening grosbeak (whose name means "large beak"). Study it and think about whether you would like to draw the entire bird or just one part. Get your pencil and eraser ready...and try to copy what you see. It's a great way to learn.

Here's a slide show with highlights of Luke's grosbeak piece:

Below is a quick slide show of several of the many grosbeak drawings that visitors have done at The Naturalist's Notebook Annex in Northeast Harbor using Luke's example. We would love it if you emailed us photos of an evening grosbeak you end up drawing (or painting or coloring). Send them (and a photo of yourself drawing too, if you wish) to and we'll add them to the slide show. Just have fun with it and see if you learn something about evening grosbeaks and bird feathers in the process!

LUKE SEITZ Artist and ornithologist Luke Seitz is a senior at Cornell and works as an artist, photographer and researcher for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He has led birding tours in both Americas, helped his team to victory in the World Series of Birding, painted watercolors of birds guides and posters and created a website about the birds of Australia. His website (where some of his art and photography can be purchased) is: