Where We Work On Our Ideas and Projects

What would happen if you turned nearly every room in your house into creative workshop spaces? We did exactly that. Now we invent, experiment, build, paint, film, photograph, write, edit, stage and play around with all sorts of ideas for The Naturalist's Notebook in the many spaces of our home studio/lab. In On this page of the website we'll share with you some of the projects in the works and the process by which we create installations. In the future we may show some projects exclusively on the website and through social media. 

We started developing our Reframing History wall installation and staging the glass cubes of our hand-painted periodic table in our home studio/lab before bringing more finished versions to our Northeast Harbor space.

Our projects often include a menagerie of animals. 

Sometimes Hueman characters and other things get a little topsy-turvy in the studio.

Out of this world: We're working on a global science-art-education project involving Hueman.

For one musical and educational interaction we transformed two keyboards into color-coded electromagnetic spectrum keyboards. Each octave represented a different portion of the spectrum: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-rays or gamma rays. With acrylic paint Pamelia mixed 52 colors, each a variation (slightly warmer or cooler in tone) of one of the seven basic spectrum colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet. The keys needed MANY layers of paint.  

Almost done....

When we needed to invent a way to paint huge numbers of stars onto a ceiling, Pamelia came up with a hand-held universe-maker.

Rocky is our trusted lab assistant and floor-activity supervisor.

The scene outside isn't bad either. Once again, the spectrum.

Sometimes you look out the studio window and see a bobcat walking by...and even peering in at you.